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Metal Roofing and Accessories

Metal roofing is most qualified to perform in extreme weather conditions, including wind, heat, humidity, and precipitation in all areas of the country. With a minimal amount of periodic maintenance, a metal roof will provide years of lasting performance and outperform its closest alternatives on a life-cycle cost comparison.

Metal roofing and wall-cladding systems manufactured by the Gibraltar family of companies fill the diverse requirements of design and construction professionals. Architectural and structural standing seam, concealed fastener, and thru fastener panel systems are well-suited for applications on commercial, residential, architectural, and agricultural structures. These quality cladding systems are supported by rigorous testing protocols and dedicated professional service personnel.

We also offer a variety of roofing accessories such as de-icing cables and snow guards to help protect any roof from the harsh effects of winter weather.

Construction Metals, Inc.
Jurupa Valley, CA


DOT Metal Products
San Antonio, TX


Fife, WA


SEMCO (Southeastern Metals Company)
Jacksonville, FL


Weather Guard Building Products
Denver, CO
Seattle, WA


Metal roofing is the system most qualified to perform in the extremes of wind, heat, and humidity