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Our Purpose

At Gibraltar, creating meaningful value drives our businesses and our investments. This unique approach is reflected in our business model and thoughtful acquisitions—allowing us to create rewarding opportunities in high-growth industries.

Our Opportunity

Our primary platforms are well-aligned with our rubric. Made up of leading businesses in large, high-growth markets benefiting from strong macro trends, our platforms are strategically designed to participate in the most attractive segments of the value chain.


The demand for cannabis, produce, nutraceuticals, and essential oils are on the rise. North American capacity for greenhouse-grown produce is forecasted to increase from over 8,500 acres in 2019 to more than 14,000 in 2024¹. The U.S. retail market for legal cannabis is expected to surpass $28B by 2023, up from roughly $12B in 2019², and U.S. retail sales for hemp-derived CBD are forecast to grow from $1.1B in 2019 to $6.0B in 2025³.

Renewable Energy

Through 2050, between 40% and 65% of electricity generation capacity additions will be renewable, with as much as 47% being solar. U.S. electricity generation from renewables is projected to grow from 19% in 2019 of total energy mix to 38% in 2050, with solar being the fastest growing method of renewable generation, expanding from 15% of renewable electricity generation in 2019 to 46% in 20504.


Driven by age of the nation’s housing stock (almost 40 years on average, with ~80% of the country’s 137 million homes at least 20 years old and 40% at least 50 years old) and growth of home equity (nearly doubling over the past five years), U.S. home improvement spending was estimated at over $400B in 2019 and is forecast to exceed $450B in 20235.

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Our Model

We employ a multi-industrial business model to deliver profitable, compounding, meaningful and sustainable value creation.

Accordingly, our capital allocation strategy calls for investing—organically and inorganically—in our company to create real value. Rather than pursuing dividends and buybacks, we believe in putting our capital to work.

Our Difference

Our rubric ensures that all platforms perform well. We rigorously assess our portfolio and prospective adjacencies against our proven, market-first model:

  • Market attractiveness: does the market have a positive outlook, strong demand, and favorable structure?
  • Gibraltar’s value: how well can we leverage our strengths and domain knowledge to create sustainable leadership and profitable growth?


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