Our Mission

Corporate Social Responsibility is fundamental to how Gibraltar operates every day.  Our mission is to be best-in-class in elements of sustainability and corporate social responsibility that matter to our people, our communities and the world.

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Our People

To be sustainable and responsible through the advancement of our health and welfare programs; putting the safety and well-being of our people before anything else; supporting professional growth and developing our future leaders; and supporting diversity and inclusion.

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Our Communities

By contributing to communities where we do business and where our people live and work; supporting these communities through charitable donations; and sponsoring volunteerism.

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The World

Operating responsibly in the world by focusing on measuring, managing and reducing our environmental footprint, and promoting responsibility across our value chain.

Gibraltar's COVID-19 response

We are focused on minimizing the impacts of COVID-19 to our employees and those in our communities. Mouse over the image to learn about how our employees are leading the charge.

Sunesta Facemask and Face Shield PPE

Facemask & Shields

We repurposed a few of Gibraltar’s facilities toward the production of personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, gowns, and face shields. These products have been distributed to our team members for use at work and home, and are being donated and sold to local hospitals, health care facilities, and some of our suppliers around the U.S.

Delta Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

We repurposed our newly acquired botanical oil extraction businesses toward the production of hand sanitizer and processes to sterilize personal protective equipment. We are grateful that Gibraltar is in a position to contribute to easing the current national emergency, and we are rallying our teams around a common purpose.

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Our most significant concern related to the COVID-19 pandemic is to ensure the health & safety of our employees. We restricted foreign travel, put social distancing protocols in place, and provided personal protective equipment for all employees --
while maintaining full operations at businesses deemed to be essential.


Our team rallied around a cause to fight hunger in our communities by making contributions to local food banks, which Gibraltar doubled through matching donations. The funds raised by this effort will allow these food banks to fund 3.3 million meals, or over 85,000 meals (on average) per community we operate and live in. Thank you to the Gibraltar Team!

Our People

We are committed to treating everyone fairly, with respect and dignity, and do not tolerate discrimination. We strive to provide a safe and healthy work environment and an atmosphere conducive to open communication.

Every day really matters! At Gibraltar, we support our people to realize their potential with meaningful career development opportunities where our people constantly learn, are challenged, and grow. Gibraltar University is a formal education and development program with a broad curriculum delivered through formal classroom education, self-learning, and project-based implementation learning.

We support diversity and inclusion and we encourage a culture where all employees come to work feeling appreciated and knowing they have an equal opportunity to grow and succeed based on their performance, regardless of individual differences.

Creating a safe and healthy environment for our organization is a top priority for Gibraltar. This is not a program, but a continuous commitment from our leadership team and everyone across our organization with continuous focus and investment in education and tools, and accountability for improving our environment, every day.

Our Communities

We are committed to investing in the communities where our people live and work and to being an active and responsible corporate citizen in each community.

Gibraltar’s Workplace Giving Program partners with four charitable organizations – Ronald McDonald House Charities, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, and Habitat for Humanity International.   For every donation or contribution an employee makes to any of these charities, Gibraltar matches the same contribution amount in the name of the employee.

In addition to Gibraltar’s Workplace Giving Program, our businesses fund a variety of local and regional charities in their respective communities with their time, talent, and treasure, such as:

Helping Our Veterans Transition

Our team in Manhattan, Kansas participates in hosting tours for transitioning military members, including Military to Manufacturing, in partnership with the City of Manhattan, Kansas State University, and a few other area businesses.

Gibraltar University – Community Service Event

Our employees attended the Gibraltar University at the beginning of this year.  As part of this program, our employees also volunteered with the United Way of Metro Chicago in a comradery filled event to fill snack bags and create cards and inspirational messages to be presented to Blue Cap, located in Blue Island, Illinois. United Way of Metro Chicago works alongside best-in-class nonprofits, like Blue Cap to establish multiple pathways to success for all their neighbors. Blue Cap’s mission is to serve as a catalyst for children and adults with intellectual disabilities to be educated, have quality life experiences, be respected and be a valued member of their community.

The World

We are committed to operating responsibly in the world by focusing on measuring, managing and reducing our carbon footprint, and promoting responsibility across our entire value chain. Furthermore, our commitment to the world is a natural fit with our strategy for our environmentally-friendly renewable energy and conservation business.

Our renewable energy business supports the solar energy market through the products and services it provides to customers.  This business has helped complete the installation of over 2,100 solar projects since we acquired the business in 2015 leading to the combined output equivalent of:

Our conservation business is focused on helping growers produce fruits & vegetables, flowers, and cannabis in the most environmentally-friendly and healthy way.  Our focus is to help customers optimize crop yield while leveraging natural sunlight, minimizing water usage, and maintaining a pesticide-free growing environment.

We collected data from each of our facilities from 2017 & 2018 related to fossil fuel consumption, electrical usage, water usage, and waste production to determine our carbon footprint.  We collected information for Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, while partially collecting information to determine Scope 3.  Our focus going forward is to reduce our carbon footprint from the following baseline (as measured using 2017 and 2018 data):

Measuring the impact of our operations on the environment helps us identify areas for improvement.  The following provides a further summary of the energy usage, water usage, and waste generated from Gibraltar’s operations:

In addition to environmental sustainability, Gibraltar is committed to holding our supply chain to a high standard.  We recently amended our code of ethics to clarify how our suppliers and other key partners are expected to act as it relates to responsible employment practices and ethical behavior in general.


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